Take Control and Personalize Your Experience

  • Klickle "On" or Klickle "Off" businesses. The choice is yours and you are always in control. You decide who you want to connect with for offers, deals, and coupons.
  • Know your neighborhood? Then ditch the map. Somewhere new? Pull it up. The Klickle App is purposely not map-dependent, saving you time while you save money.
  • Have a favorite brand or business that hasn't discovered Klickle? Recommend us or make a suggestion via the "Wishlist" button on the app. Our team will reach out and invite them to join Klickle.
  • With Klickle you control which businesses can notify you and you can also customize the frequency of notifications. At Klickle, you're in charge.

Your privacy protection is our #1 priority and is the foundation on which Klickle was built.

With Klickle, you can count on: no name, no email and no spam. We promise!

How do we do this? We never collect or log your personal identity. Since we never require your real name, email or phone number in order to use the app, your anonymous profile is only associated with an anonymous account. This anonymous account only contains the required demographic information necessary to provide and improve the services and offers we deliver.

You joined Klickle to save money, to make your life a little easier and perhaps because you like our nifty pink logo.

We are always looking for ways to enhance your Klickle experience.

  • Have suggestions on how to make your life easier? Tell us via the app "feedback" button.
  • Do you love a favorite brand or business that hasn't discovered Klickle? Recommend us, please. You can also share your suggestions with Klickle via the "Wishlist" button on the app. Our team will make the connection, inviting them to join Klickle and start saving you money.
  • Coming soon: Use the "Comment Card" button to provide anonymous feedback to your favorite businesses.

Yeah, that's right.

The Klickle savings app is free to consumers to download and use.

There is no charge to receive offers. We would never charge you money to secure an offer for you.
Free means free.

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Welcome to the Klickle Launch

Thanks for checking out Klickle. We hope you enjoy choosing to save money with your favorite businesses while enjoying the privacy you deserve.

- Chris Menninga, Klickle CEO

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